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Discover Unique and Fresh Street Food at Corporation Yard

Experience the Best of Local Street Food at Corporation Yard

We collaborate with some of the best street food traders our city has to offer, dynamic ‘outside the box’ dishes with the freshest of flavours and produce. We have new vendors each month so that you have always something new to try!

Rotating Lineup of Exciting Vendors for a New Culinary Adventure Every Month

To ensure you always have something new and exciting to try, we feature a rotating lineup of vendors each month. Our diverse selection of food traders offers an ever-changing culinary experience for food lovers seeking unique and fresh street food options.


We’re busy curating a delectable lineup of food traders to tantalize your taste buds at the Corporation Yard this year! 🌮🍔🥗

Stay tuned as we put the finishing touches to our list of culinary maestros who will be serving up a feast of flavours for you to enjoy. From mouth-watering street food to indulgent desserts, we’re working tirelessly to ensure your dining experience with us is nothing short of deliciously memorable. 🍦🍕🍜

Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure like never before as we prepare to unveil our stellar roster of food vendors. Keep an eye out for updates on our website as we reveal the exciting lineup coming your way! 🎉🍹

Care to join us?

We are always open to new collaborations. If you own a street food business and wish to join us at the Yard, feel free to get in touch using the form.

past traders

Experience a Culinary Adventure with Top Street Food Traders at The Corporation Yard in Cardiff

The Corporation Yard has proudly showcased some of the best street food traders in Wales, offering an unparalleled culinary experience for food lovers. Our esteemed list of previous traders includes Michelin Starred chef James Sommerin, Michelin guide restaurant Potted Pig, 2020 Welsh Street Food Champion Makhasi, and 2020 British Bake Off Professional Champion Thibault Courtoisier, among many others.

A Diverse Lineup of Street Food Traders to Satisfy Every Craving

Our lineup features a wide range of street food traders, from Chang’s Street Food, Cardiff Dough and Co, and Sin Nombre Taco, to Greazy Vegan, Tiffin Meal, Bao Selecta, and Saray Turkish Cuisine. We also have Patisserie Verte, Return of The Mac, Makasih, Pwdin, Battered Shack, Falafel House, That Street Food Van, F.A.B Burgers, Nok & Roni’s Kitchen, Real Ting, Kumari, EWSH Burger, The Mighty Soft Shell Crab, La Pantera, Pwdin & Cracklin’, Fire & Flank, Corfu Ny Night, Dough’n’Dogz, Carnival Street Food, Pasta Al Sugo, Yorkshire Wrap, Dirty Gnocci, and The Queen Pepiada.

Taste the Best Street Food Offerings in Cardiff at The Corporation Yard

Visit The Corporation Yard to explore a diverse selection of street food traders, offering a culinary adventure that caters to all palates. From artisan doughnuts and authentic Indian cuisine to unique fusion dishes and vegan delights, our lineup promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience for everyone.

  • Chang’s Street Food
    Battered Shack along with Burger shack, Chang’s Wok & Andy chang Private Chef is the brain child of Chang, our resident chef.  Chang creates, develops and delivers the tastiest street food Cardiff has to offer.


  • Cardiff Dough and Co
    Artisan, Hand crafted Doughnut company.


  • Sin Nombre Taco
    We are Sin Nombre Tacos. An up and coming taco store, coming to a pop up near you.

    Fresh ingredients, fresh flavours.We’ll be updating locations as they’re booked, so make sure you follow our page!


  • Greazy Vegan
    The GREAZY VEGAN is all about taste without cruelty and came about because not all vegans want to eat kale chips and quinoa burgers


  • Tiffin Meal 

    Home made best Indian takeaway meal you would have tried. We don’t think you would be disappointed. Customised Plans specialy for students and affordable price. Just choose you date and time , and meal delivered to you in no time

  • Bao Selecta

    Established in 2016, Bao Selecta specialise in Taiwanese street food.
    Baos are fluffy steamed buns, generously loaded with a range of fillings and dressings. Succulent pork belly, Szechuan fried chicken and beef menchi katsu are meaty bao favourites, whereas tofu fish (tofish), crispy vegan beef and meaty jackfruit are some popular amongst the plant based crowd.

  • Saray  Turkish Cuisine – Throughout the history, Sarays have always been a place of amalgamation and honing of different cuisines that vast geographies of ruling empires.  We take this description as a guide for our inspiration to serve our customers with a huge selection of historical tastes with a friendly service to make them feel as if they are in a Saray!


  • Patisserie Verte
    Thibault Courtoisier joint Winner of Bake-off The Professionals 2020


  • Return of The Mac
    Totally rad topped mac and cheese


  • Makasih
    is a family run Malaysian Fusion Street food business. Serving fresh food inspired by our time spent in Malaysia.


  • Pwdin
    Handmade in Wales, delicious luxury brownies and brownie products made to order. Cheesecakes, Brioche Doughnuts and other luxurious puddings.


  • Battered Shack
    Welsh street food brought to you by Andy Chang, Chef – the best batter Wales has tasted coming to your local farmers markets & food festivals. We batter it all


  • Falafel House
    Cardiff 100% Vegetarian & Vegan friendly restaurant. Our gluten free falafel has a good source of vegetarian protein.


  • That Street Food Van
    100% Gluten-Free
    Uniting Carnivores, Omnivores, Vegetarians and Vegans one mouthful of Street Food at a time
    Overloaded Nachos / Tacos / Taquitos / Quesadillas / Carne Con Chile


  • F.A.B Burgers 
    Possibly the best burgers in the City


  • Nok & Roni’s Kitchen 
    Thai & Mediterranen Street Food


  • Real Ting
    Real yard food from Portland 🇯🇲 to Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿


  • Kumari
    A fresh, contemporary new take on Indian cuisine by the award-winning chef Pramod Nair.


  • EWSH Burger

    Ethically Sourced 🌎 Welsh Produce 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Smashed Burgers 🍔 Handmade With Care ❤️


  • The Mighty Soft Shell Crab
    The best street food on the market


  • La Pantera
    La Pantera was started by a group of pals who wanted to bring tacos and mezcal to the people of Cardiff in a casual setting. We wanted to bring people a weekly changing taco menu that had no restrictions on what ingredients we could use and so the ‘Unauthentic Taco’ was born.


  • Pwdin & Cracklin’
    Handmade in Wales, delicious luxury brownies and brownie products made to order. Cheesecakes, Brioche Doughnuts and other luxurious puddings.

  • Fire & Flank
    Fire and Flank™️

    Food stall 🥇 @britishstreetfoodawards “Best Main Dish” 🥩 Steak & Sides


  • Corfu Ny Night
    The island of Corfu sits at the furthest West point of Greece, acting as a bridge to our Italian neighbours. After centuries of trade and occupations from Venice and other surrounding peninsulas, the island’s identity is distinct and independent from other areas of Greece, as reflected by the cuisine. We hope to bring a small slice of Corfu to Cardiff


  • Dough’n’Dogz
    Pizza & Hot Dog – Street Style!


  • Carnival Street Food
    Born in Brazil and having moved to the UK in my early years, the essence of Brazil still very much remains within, and it helps having a big family over there. Whether it’s a party, barbecue, special occasion or just a family gather-round on a weekend, you can guarantee to be welcomed by a diverse spread of home cooked food bursting with colour and flavour. It’s a massive part of Brazilian culture to be a good host, so Brazilians take great pride in this


  • Pasta Al Sugo
    Authentic Italian fresh pasta. Locally sourced Welsh produce. Cardiff based.


  • Yorkshire Wrap
    Street Food – Yorkshire Wrap – Slow Roasted Meats – Beef Burger – Chicken Burger – Chicken Strips
  • Dirty Gnocci
    Italian street food vendor from the people that brought you The Pot Bistro
  • The Queen Pepiada
    A food truck specialized in Venezuelan arepas. Plantain, cassava and corn as base for pure culinary